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Your Private Event Shines With Perfect Audio and Visual Services

11 October 2019 Bookmark and Share

Immedia Production services in Boston, MAAudio and visual services are essential to the success of any private event. Simply attend an event where AV is done poorly and you will instantly discover how important professional AV services are to the success of any event. Immedia guarantees that our audio visual production specialists will flawlessly install, monitor, and maintain sound and video equipment, including speakers, microphones, video monitors, and the projection screen. Our specialists are also referred to as Audio Visual Equipment Technicians or Audio-Video Specialists.

To prepare for your event this audio visual checklist will be used. Take a look to ensure that your A/V provideris checking all the boxes:

  1. Mixer/Sound Board for your event. Do you have more than one microphone in the same room? To balance the sound, control feedback, and adjust volume levels on microphones, the A/V team will use a mixer or sound board. These electronic consoles manipulate and combine audio signals before routing them to your speakers. Be sure your A/V team knows exactly how many speakers will need microphones. If your event requires additional microphones for audience questions then the techs will make sure your mixer has enough channels.
  2. Aspect ratio for screens at the event. Aspect ratio refers to the ratio between the width and the height of the screen. The two most common ratios are 16:9 which are High Definition screens or widescreens, and 4:3 which are Standard Definition Screens. These days, widescreen are more common.
  3. Projectors for the event. The type of projector you select depends on your event. Are you showing PowerPoint presentations or videos? Will you need to stream a speech or interview? For presentations, a brighter projector is generally better since it ensures good visibility. The amount of natural light must also always be considered. If a room has a lot of windows you will need an even brighter projector to ensure that what is showing on the screen is easily visible. As for streaming content, rear screen projection might be the solution because they provide better quality visuals.
  4. Microphones for the event. Before selecting a microphone, these questions must be considered. What is the intended use of the microphone? Will it stay in one place? If one stationary speaker needs a microphone they can be wired. But, a handheld wireless mic will ensure ease of movement if the speaker is taking questions from the audience. Last, a wireless microphone needs a transmitter.
  5. Bandwidth to support additional devices at the event. Does your event have to support multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets? If so, then you may need more bandwidth. Bandwidth dictates how much information your internet connection can handle all at once.

In order to ensure the success of your event, Immedia provides cutting edge technology for events with superior customer service at competitive costs. We also supply the highest quality equipment to fit all of your presentation needs.

For more information on audio/visual services, contact Immedia Event Productions.

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