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Why Choose Professional Lighting Services for Your Next Event

31 December 2019 Bookmark and Share

Immedia Production services in Boston, MAThe critical aspect of strategic event lighting is fundamental, yet often overlooked. Keen attention to lighting details make the difference between an average event and a truly extraordinary one. An array of lighting technologies and implementation techniques introduces ambiance and strategically drives the focus of the audience. 

The advanced lighting displays that we deliver ensure that your event has the very latest in lighting technology and effect. Lighting effects constantly improve and modernized with advances in LED technology. New LED technology allows the lighting engineer to adjust brightness and mix colors in a way that has never been possible before.

You may not have heard of pixel mapping, but a professional lighting engineer uses this strategy to deliver effects that armatures simply cannot achieve. LED technology utilizes small lights that, when fit closely together, have the ability to change the quality of light. It is a remarkable effect that you need to see in order to fully understand and appreciate. Another technique is to employ “happy tubes”. These tubular fixtures are available in different lengths with varying amount of LED. They are astonishingly adaptable and flexible. These fixtures are joined, hung, flown, and used in other creative manners.

Traditional white lighting is still incorporated into the modern light show. Strategically combining non-LED technology into a lighting design expands the color palette. By combining the latest innovations like LED, happy tubes, pixel mapping, traditional white lighting, and a number of other effects a true work of art can be achieved.

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