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Video Walls For Control Rooms and Command Centers

22 August 2018 Bookmark and Share

Immedia Production servicesVideo walls are used for added effect at all types of events. They are also often used in industrial control rooms. For instance, communication and internet providers monitor many variables that affect their service such as bandwidth, connectivity, weather patterns, temperature etc. In order for the entire team to visualize this data and make collaborative decisions, video wall displays are employed in the control room.

Regardless of the industry, businesses are highly dependent on accurate and real time information that concerns operations, security, and overall safety of the infrastructure. This is crucial data that can help detect any disparity or issues in daily operations. Thus, a large visual display like a video wall display can be utilized so the entire staff can view the critical data dashboard.

These data panels can present maps, graphs, and charts with metrics according to specific dates and time. With a video wall monitor, staff can instantly extract the information they need to assist them in solving problems. If you're industry is in need of video walls, contact Immedia Inc. for more information.

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