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Video Walls Add Just The Right Touch To Any Event

13 June 2018 Bookmark and Share

Immedia Production servicesMany events are meant to be stunning and impressive. They are time consuming to plan, and expensive to put-on. Once the day of the event arrives, you want it to be as successful and seamless as possible. Whatever the purpose of the event, you want to catch and keep the attention of attendees. Having impressive visual displays such as video walls can add just the right effect to any occasion.

A video wall display is a set-up of multiple monitors connected to form a wall-size screen. For business events, this is an effective marketing tool for promotional video presentations which can be viewed from all areas of the room. This larger-than-life screen display is a surefire way to keep the attention of the audience and a great way to impart information in a format that is just a little unusual, and more impactful.

Video wall technology requires the proper setup and synchronization of the monitors to display the presentation with a captivating effect. For high quality LED monitors and expert technicians who can aid you in arranging a video wall for your event, contact Immedia. We offer video wall services perfect for any event.

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