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Video Services Delivers Tremendous Business Fiscal Efficiencies

20 May 2020 Bookmark and Share

Immedia Event Productions  - MA, CT, RI, ME, NH, VT, NYIMMEDIA’s Video Services provides you and your business an opportunity to increase participation and reach. Broadening participation and reach introduces you and your business value services to a wider audience and paves a path to increased business success and revenue generation. Live streaming empowers you to directly interact with both existing and prospective clients. And you will accomplish this at a service fee that most of our clients describe as one of the most value-based investments in their entire business operations plan.

The business climate of today has dramatically changed vs yesteryear. Most business owners and staff now prefer to avoid business travel and the time away from family and friends. We all understand that our “inbox” continues to grow while we’re in business travel status. And yes, most business owners carefully review their travel-related operating expense and begin to scratch business travel that needs to be done. Smart business owners now “travel” across the internet using professional video teleconferencing services like those we provide here at IMMEDIA.

Live streaming online is taking American business forward with ever-increasing popularity. We’ll help you stream live on Facebook, Youtube, and others online media channels. We design our service plan to empower you to engage with customers, prospects, and remote staff. Again, at a fraction of the cost of business travel.

For more information regarding how live streaming can efficiently and effectively propel your business forward, contact IMMEDIA Productions.

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