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Spring Gala Uplighting Services

3 May 2017 Bookmark and Share

Immedia event lighting services in Providence, RIUplighting is one of the most popular lighting effects for events. It is used for special event productions such as spring galas in order to beautify a venue with a wide spectrum of lights. Small lighting units are installed on the floor within the venue. The lighting fixtures on the floor point up the walls and ceiling, creating a beautiful “up-light” effect.

For a spring gala with a magical luminescence, event lighting services in Providence, RI can be used. At Immedia Inc. we make your event a success by adding depth to any chosen venue by uplighting trees, walls, and any other decorative structures making your event something to remember.

With event lighting rentals, you can work with our friendly, experienced staff who are seasoned in special event productions. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our goal is to provide flawlessly executed events. Using the latest uplighting equipment combined with our talented lighting professionals with an eye for beauty and aesthetics, we go the extra mile to make your spring gala shine. We are also the perfect partner in event productions such as small meeting and seminars, large outdoor events, grand openings, weddings, trade shows, movie production, sporting events, graduation, stage events, and many other applications.

To find out more about event lighting services for spring gala and other special event productions, contact Immedia Inc.

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