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Sky Tracker Services Provide Nighttime Visuals that Draw Attention to Your Event - Framingham, MA

28 October 2016 Bookmark and Share

Sky tracker services in Framingham, MA include premium searchlight rentals that safely, effectively, and creatively draw attention to your event’s location like no other advertising tool on the market today. Promotional searchlights are a more economical way to get noticed than print advertising. They showcase the event you have put together for months. They draw the invited and the curious to the event location with festive and eye-catching lights across the sky.

Searchlight rentals from Immedia Inc. include the 2000W rental Sky Tracker Light and the 4000W rental Sky Tracker Light. This lighting equipment can be used on location and remain operational for the entire event, without any risk of overheating or causing noise or gas pollution.

Sky tracker lighting equipment rentals are a compact and attractive alternative to the traditional carbon arc. Sky Trackers are mounted in pickup trucks or on trailers which make it easier to move and position them in strategic locations to reach the desired radius to guarantee a broader awareness of the event. These nighttime visuals are ideally suited for tight metropolitan areas, which is why they are often seen at city street events or in more congested business areas.

To find out more about searchlight rentals and other sky tracker services, contact Immedia Inc.

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