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Searchlight Rentals Have Become A Staple at Grand Openings and Other Marketing Events – Providence, RI

12 August 2016 Bookmark and Share

Immedia Inc. offers a complete line of event lighting services that can be used in many different applications. These services include searchlights for rent that are very useful during grand openings.

Searchlight rentals let you promote in a whole new light. They allow businesses to use lighting equipment that can attract a crowd even those from miles away. This is advantageous because you no longer need to issue personal invites- potential attendees can see the lights from miles away. Searchlight rentals will do the job for you by creatively, effectively, and intriguingly letting people know where the event is held. This is why searchlights have become a staple in grand openings and other big nighttime marketing events.

These searchlight rentals in Providence, RI let you set the mood for your event as well. In addition to catching the attention of your intended audience, searchlights also make a great impression about the business that you are about to open.

To find out more about searchlights for rent and other event lighting services, contact Immedia Inc.

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