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Professional Audio-Visual Support for Your End-Of-Year Corporate Event

17 November 2019 Bookmark and Share

Immedia Production services in Boston, MAHave you given thought to where professional audio-visual services could take your annual corporate event? Amateur self-help lighting and sound solutions often end looking like exactly that: amateur. When your corporate reputation is on the line, wise event planners choose professional audio/visual support for value and results.

Corporate event planners return time and time again to IMMEDIA Event Productions when their company reputation is on the line. Countless event planners have learned the hard way that using conference room AV equipment is a recipe for disaster when used to support larger events. We’re here to help you address lessons learned the hard way. We’re proud of the fact that so much of our support service contracts are repeat service contracts. Corporate event planners choose our solutions, but it is the feedback we get regarding dependability and the worry-free nature of our support that gives us such great professional reward.

We’ll take a moment here to emphasize just one of our support services that the novice AV engineer will never even think about: Projection Mapping. Projection mapping is a method that we use to transmit irregularly shaped objects onto targeted display surface areas. This strategic mapping procedure incorporates the use of specialized multimedia technology to produce both 2D and 3D effects. You’re probably having a hard time visualizing this. We invite you to call us so that we can demonstrate it for you personally.

There are so many things that professional AV support can do to make you and your company truly stand out during your next event. Simply contact IMMEDIA Event Productions for more information.

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