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Large Participant Virtual Meeting Services

23 March 2020 Bookmark and Share

Immedia Event Productions  - MA, CT, RI, ME, NH, VT, NYThere is no American business interest that is free of the effects of the current pandemic. Across the nation businesses suffer from the necessary strict enforcement of home quarantine, social distancing, and travel restrictions. With that said, it is reassuring that business across America continues to operate during this pandemic via the use of technologies such as virtual meetings. Virtual meetings for a very small number of participants can be accomplished via a number of subscriber services. However, large scale conferencing requires special skill and equipment. That is where the professionals at IMMEDIA Event Products come in. We’re helping American business across the nation continue to operate and we can do it for yours as well.

We enable companies to schedule and execute virtual meetings that range from one-on-one conferencing to arranging for the entire corporation to participate in the critical coordination required to keep things rolling to the full extent possible during these hard times. Prior to any virtual meeting, we can assist all participants to install and test the software and hardware necessary to fully enable all attendees to participate as if they were right back at the corporate conference room. While it is not business as usual out there, with professional virtual meeting support services like we provide here at IMMEDIA Even Productions, business goes on.

Let us help you further your business objectives even in this most challenging time. For more information on how to get started, contact Immedia Event Productions.

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