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Imagine What Your Holiday Gala COULD Look Like

21 November 2017 Bookmark and Share

In last week's blog we covered the topic of our Holiday and gala event services that included discussion of our lighting, sound, and video making services.  It dawned on us that we should invite you to take a tour of our image gallery to experience for yourself what your IMMEDIA Inc supported Holiday gala could look like.

The point we want to make today here in this blog post is to inform you that no holiday production is too large or small for your friends here at IMMEDIA to deliver upon.  We take great professional reward in supporting small intimate corporate galas, but with that said, major productions like those depicted in our gallery is what separates us from virtually all other audio visual service providers across MA, CT, RI, ME, NH, and VT.  We could not be more proud of our thirty year history of  large scale audio visual support service across the entire upper eastern seaboard.   

So we hope a few pictures are worth a thousand words. We hope that our image gallery gives you an idea of what your corporate Holiday gala COULD be and that you'd contact us to learn more!

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