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Fashion Show Runway Staging Services

10 August 2019 Bookmark and Share

Immedia Lighting ServicesWhen organizing a pageant or a fashion show event, stage and ramp construction require precise planning and execution. Appearance is important, but safety is critical. The runway should be safe and comfortable for the models to negotiate the catwalk. It is always wise to consult and hire staging service professionals that will guarantee an attractive and safe walkway.

Immedia Event Productions will provide you with portable platforms, guardrails, stair units, and barricades. We can also take care of other production essentials such as light and sound. LED stage light rentals will add the wow factor that you seek. Stage uplight rentals create bold, long, stepped, angular, or symmetrical fashion catwalks. This will enhance the look of the apparel and accessories that the models wear. Better looking models, better sales.

We simplify your preparation for the show. We’ll handle all the aforementioned mechanics so you can concentrate on the vast array of other tasks required to pull off an effective fashion show. When you seek proven effective, reliable, and value-priced fashion show support services, look no further than Immedia Event Productions. Contact us today!

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