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Corporate Holiday Audio Visual Services Help You Have a Ball

14 November 2017 Bookmark and Share

For over thirty years now, your friends here at IMMEDIA Event Productions have served the audio visual needs for businesses throughout of MA, CT, RI, ME, NH,and VT.  Our experience reveals that despite the best efforts of corporate holiday gala planners, some of you event planners will be let down this year by our well-intended (by less than capable) AV service competitors.  We take this time today to advise those who are finding us here for the first time that we are ready and able to meet any and all no-notice Holiday AV service requests because simply, it's what we do.  

With deliver the full range of video making services to include not only maximizing the effect of your company's audio-visual presentations but to also document the event for re-use by your marketing and human resource staff.  We can project video for you in various sizes with live multi-source switching. We utilize only the highest resolution plasma technologies that deliver truly dramatic effect.

We are seasoned professionals as it pertains to mood lighting and the use of up-lighting techniques to deliver dramatic effect upon any venue. We employ a multitude of state of the art  LED lighting technologies  to deliver the custom and memorable dramatic effect that you seek. 

Our sound engineers are true wizards at what they do.  We have you covered from set up, operations support throughout the event, and thru tear down. We're here to help you put your best foot forward and to do so worry free!

To find out more about holiday party and gala services, contact Immedia Inc.

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